About Us

Torretti & Cia. is a tax-specialized law firm with a strong practice in foreign investments, business law, corporate law and private client matters.

We were born as a reaction to the “Biglaw” model, deliberately seeking to differentiate ourselves from our larger competitors. Simply put, our partners are directly involved from start to finish. Their experience coupled with the support of a confident team of lawyers results in clear advice that effectively solves our clients complex and varying needs.

We provide personalized strategies for each client’s unique situation and interests, taking great pride in developing close relationships with the people who seek our advice. This is one of the key features of our practice and would not be possible if not for our cohesive style.

The partners of Torretti & Cia. are professors of tax law. Their academic background allows them translate technical matters into simple, understandable concepts. If you can’t explain it in simple terms then you don’t fully understand it.

Our firm is committed to giving you the best advice.

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